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Lokale Markierung und Entgrenzung musikalischer Darbietungen auf ukrainischen Feiertagen



In: Speaking in Tongues. Pop lokal global (= Beiträge zur Popmusikforschung, 42) , hrsg, von Dietrich Helms und Thomas Phleps, Bielefeld: transcript, S. 63–88.


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Online-Vorschau eingebettet von Google Books.



The recent Euromaidan revolution and the ongoing armed conflict in East Ukraine are only the latest episodes in the country's struggle for national self-determination and identity. This paper explores how musical performances during Ukrainian holiday celebrations serve as a vital tool for policies of both regional and global referencing. Documentation of different festivities in both West, East, and central regions of Ukraine is represented, as well as diverse infrastructural and societal framings.


Based on a detailed description of the ethnographical findings, the paper contends that conceptions of a purported schism between East and West Ukraine, and of the unilateral extinction of regional traditions through globalised pop music, need to be re-evaluated. Instead, a highly complex, if not seemingly contradictory interplay of multiple and hybrid references and local encodings are to be observed, among which traditional Ukrainian elements prominently interact with symbols of Western, global, Russian, and even Soviet connotation. 

(Abstract, ebd., S. 88)


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